Stop by Klein Automotive and Talk About the Great Fuel Efficiency of the Dodge Durango

If you are a driver who has shied away from owning an SUV because of the poor gas mileage, it is time for you to learn about the Dodge Durango. This is a popular mid-size SUV that has redefined fuel efficiency. You will find several features on this vehicle that save you money at the pump.

The ECO mode will shut off four of the cylinders on the engine when you need them least. This means that you can click that button when you are driving down the highway with minimal cargo and expect to save money. This really improves your mpg over time.

There are a few engine choices on the Dodge Durango, with one of them giving you as much as 600 miles per tank on the highway. This really makes the driving experience much more enjoyable. You can test drive the Durango today when you stop by Klein Automotive to take a look.

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