Drive a Buick Regal GS Around Town Using Hardware That Caters to the Conditions in an Environment

You can operate the Buick Regal GS in a tactical way by changing its drive mode. This automobile has different modes for specific types of terrain, and they strategically improve the driving dynamics.

The Buick Regal GS has Interactive Drive Control, which is a feature that modifies steering response and suspension elements. These changes cater to the road conditions; however, you can also switch modes whenever you want to change how the engine performs. There are three drive control settings; you can select GS, Sport, or Touring. All of these modes interact with a 3.6-liter engine that produces efficient torque and solid power.

If you want to take a short cruise in a Regal GS before buying it, the team at Klein Auto can help. We set up helpful test drive sessions in Buick Regal GS vehicles for people in Clintonville and surrounding areas. During a short cruise, you can test standout Regal GS features, such as the intelligent all-wheel drive system and the nine-speed transmission.


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