One of the most well-known sedans in history is the Ford Taurus. This mid-size car has been around for over 30 years and for good reasons. Consumers can expect great highway performance, tremendous amounts of capability and stellar good-looks.

At first glance of the vehicle's interior, you'll see that it's quite cozy. The dash area hosts a 4.2-inch LCD screen that possesses many in-car apps. The sedan's shift knob and steering wheel are wrapped in premium leather for additional comfort. Though the cabin is somewhat small, five individuals can still seat without any problems. The front seats tend to offer a bit more legroom and overall space. Bluetooth functions allows for hands-free capability while driving. There's also a CD player that has MP3 integration. Great sounding music can be expected from the vehicle's premium sound system, and there's a subscription for SiriusXM radio.

Come and test drive the Ford Taurus from our dealership today. We promise that you won't be disappointed.



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